3HD Archery
In early October 2013, 3HD Archery has opened to the public - the most modern Video Archery Shooting Range in Europe.
3HD is a state-of-the-art High Tech Indoor Range, a well-sorted store selling everything the archer's heart desires and a cosy Track'n'Brag Lounge inviting archers to sit, track their results and brag about their skills.
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Bingen-Ruedesheimer Cruises

Welcome to the Bingen-Ruedesheimer Ferry and Day-Cruise Operating Company.
A Love of the Rhine that flows through Tradition and Modern Times.

With its fleet of 10 operational entities - 6 passenger ships and 4 ferries - the Bingen-Ruedesheimer passenger line has ranked among the big passenger lines on the Rhine since 2000. Boat tours around the Binger Loch, along the Maeuseturm, Ruin Ehrenfels, Castles Rheinstein and Reichenstein, to St. Goarshausen, Kaub and Bacharach always were and still are on the schedule to this day.

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Charterliner van de Luecht

Welcome on board!

Rent out an entire ship and enjoy the romantic beauty of the Rhine romance relaxing in a way hard to find on land.

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Movie Theater - Cineplex Wiesbaden

Our movie theaters have modern convenience, latest technology and a great atmosphere which will all make your visit a great movie watching experience.

We offer original version movies in English on a weekly basis (our program).

Our special for our American guests: Movie tickets are only € 5.00* per person. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

*Movies in
- extended version: + € 0.50  / € 1.00
- 3 D: + € 3.00 

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Fahr-Werk - Kart race and event location
Welcome to one of the best go-cart facilities in the world: FAHR-WERK. We offer everything to have a good time - adrenaline, atmosphere, and first-class service are guaranteed.
For families and groups, the ideal excursion to experience something fun together. While husbands and fathers enjoy their adrenaline kick, the rest of the family can enjoy a game of adventure mini golf or simply join the kart race. 

On Sundays it's "Kids Time" and kids and teenagers only are allowed on the race track. 

The indoor race track is located towards Dieburg (larger Darmstadt area). By car it will take you from Wiesbaden about 48 minutes. 

The outdoor race track is located towards Grossostheim. From Wiesbaden it will also take you about 48 minutes by car. 

We look forward to your visit!
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On Water Sports
ON-WATER SPORTS - We specialize in special on-water events. Wakeboarding is one of the most popular events at the moment. Wakeboarding on the Rhine in Mainz is like a day of vacation directly at your front door! With our large and luxurious Mastercraft boat, we offer boat trips, wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The wake can be adjusted to the requirements of different sports for loads of fun for beginners or professionals.
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Dance Club Blau-Orange e.V. Wiesbaden
The Blau-Orange is the oldest dance club in Wiesbaden and can look at many years of tradition.
We are located in the dance sport center in Wiesbaden-Biebrich and offer our visitors a wide variety of courses.
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Idstein Jazz Festival

Idstein is located in the Taunus Mountains just 20 minutes from Wiesbaden and has a beautiful old town and centuries-old timbered (tudor) houses.

We look forward to welcoming our American friends!

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Indoor playground Rambazamba
Play, frolic around, and have fun with your kids. All of us plan to do it but often we don't have the time. Simply relax and experience something together with your family. Your kids will thank you.
Or make that birthday celebration something special. 

We look forward to your visit!
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