Dental Practice

Gernot Bartl

Our philosophy of practice is founded on our professional expertise and maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in our practice. In all of our dental treatments, we place special emphasis on gentle, pain-free and, above all, stress-free procedures. To accomplish this, we employ the most modern treatment techniques and technology so we can offer you the utmost of success and comfort. Dental medicine is continuing to develop at breakneck speed and sub-specialization in specific therapeutic areas is becoming ever more widespread. For this reason, the focus in dental care is increasingly on the specialist – rather than the generalist and all-around practitioner of former years. Because of these advances, your dental problems can be treated more successfully today than ever before.

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Laserline Hair removal Wiesbaden

Dear Madam and Sir,

Gladly we introduce our services to you and would be very pleased to delight you with them. Our customers have been profiting from our expertise in permanent hair removal for more than 15 years.

All treatments are performed in the "Clinic at Sonnenberg" in Wiesbaden.
Our goal is to ensure a good and healthy feeling for you by eliminating all hair that bothers you through high-quality laser epilation.

You can trust in the quality and sustainability of our work which we carry out accurately and sensitively.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely,

Anna Kourou

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Medical Store Kern
Medical Store (Sanitätshaus) Kern is a company with a long family tradition. With our reputation and our high level of expertise we stand for good service, comprehensive customer service and best professional support that is always up to date.
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My Dentist Wiesbaden

DENTISTS AT KURHAUS is a practice in the heart of Wiesbaden in which specialized dentists work closely together as a team with dental hygienists and dental technicians. You can get all modern dental treatments under one roof, in a friendly atmosphere.

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Center for Cardiovascular Diseases at medicum

Cardiovascular diseases are very common and continue to be the No. 1 cause of death. We diagnose and treat a great variety of disorders closely cooperating with pneumologists and nephrologists (specialists in lung and kidney diseases) since there happens to be a lot of overlapping in these two fields of medicine.

At our medical practice doctors and staff members speak English!

We are located close to Hainerberg and Clay Kaserne and parking is available.  
As a TRICARE Preferred Provider we are looking forward to welcome you at our medical practice!*

*Please bring your medical reports to your appointment if available. 

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EU. Nails
Our small and beautiful nail studio is centrally located in Wiesbaden Liliencarre directly at the main train station. Therefore, plenty of parking is available. Stop by for excellent service at customer-friendly prices.
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The new flagship Guinot franchise is located in the heart of this idyllic setting. We have created for you an oasis of beauty and well-being that is more than 2,100 square feet (200 sqm) in size.
Take advantage of Guinot's highly effective treatments.

The team of experts at the Guinot Institute in Wiesbaden looks forward to your visit.

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Lifelines - Andrea Lange


I would like to accompany you in search of solutions for professional and personal problems. Some situations require more support than family and friends can give.

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LZW LaserZentrum Wiesbaden
Welcome to LZW, the Wiesbaden laser center, one of the most modern private treatment centers for eye surgery and laser treatments in Germany.
Our goal is for every eye correction to provide the best vision result possible for each of our patients. We follow the highest quality standards to ensure the maximum safety and quality of our surgical procedures. The combination of the latest technologies, our experience, and the pleasure we take in your satisfaction guarantees an optimal treatment outcome.

Look forward to a life without glasses!
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